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K&P is proud to be the premier janitorial service provider in Southern California.


We believe that superior quality begins with how an organization treats both its clientele and its staff. By adhering to the ideals of preparation, supervision, and accountability, you get a successful result.

In K&P’s case, this starts with the proper training and supervision of employees to follow our proven processes, practices, and procedures. Our strong system of checks and balances — facility assignment areas, schedules, and communication logs — enable every employee, supervisor, and administrator assigned to your accounts to determine whether every task at your facility is being completed properly and on time. Inspections are done on a routine basis and should a deficiency be identified, corrective action is taken immediately.

Direct and constant lines of communication between you, K&P’s owner (Kelly Lynch), and our account supervisors ensures every member of K&P’s staff maintains the highest level of performance and professionalism.

The services we offer are tailored to meet our clients' unique needs and we limit our customer base in order to guarantee effective account management. Our training programs, daily team meetings, face-to-face communication, and executive level supervision ensure a well-coordinated operation and the highest caliber service possible.


We believe that quality begins with the proper training and supervision of each employee. Quality control is maintained by following the processes and best practices that we have developed over the past 30 years.

These training and orientation programs supply new employees with safe work procedures, as well as clarification and reinforcement of our company policies. All new employees are required to complete a four-phase on-boarding program before receiving a permanent job placement.

Phase 1:
Employee Orientation

Employees receive their employee handbook and are familiarized with all information contained therein.


Phase 2:
Training Programs

Our training programs familiarize employees with product usage, cleaning techniques, and the care and use of equipment. Performance is closely monitored and evaluated by a supervisor and advancement to the next phase is based upon the speed in which the employee adapts to the assigned responsibilities.


Phase 3:
Temporary Assignment

Upon completion of the initial training program, employees are placed on our personnel “Back-Up Board” where they fill in for staff absenteeism and vacations, while further evaluations are performed. Performance and attitude determines whether the employee advances and is placed at a permanent location.


Phase 4:
Permanent Assignment

Once Phases 1-3 are complete, new employees are placed in a permanent job assignment. Care is taken to familiarize each employee with the specific routines and requirements of the account and facility.


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