In order to properly serve our clients, K&P Janitorial Services consistently looks for ways to provide better cleanliness for the facilities we work with.

Sometimes that requires additional certifications or training ... and it can pay off with some welcome recognition!



Healthier employees and customers lead to a more professional, productive, and profitable business — and creating and maintaining a greener, cleaner, environment with healthier air is a great place to start.

Studies show that a greener office environment reduces the instances of Building Related Illness (BRI) by reducing the number of sick days taken due to illness. It focuses on improving the indoor air quality of your workplace by removing dirt, dust, and allergens — rather than just moving them around.

What does it mean to be Clean Institute Certified and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEEDs) respected? To become certified requires a focus towards insuring and maintaining the health of others. It's about using non-toxic products that don’t cause any negative effects to…

Getting certified isn’t easy. The entire staff at K & P Janitorial goes through training and must demonstrate the proper knowledge in the methods of green cleaning.

Here are just some of the environmentally safe cleaning steps we use to dramatically reduce the irritants that contribute to "Sick Building Syndrome:"

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South Bay’s Best

Each year, the Daily Breeze and The Beach Reporter hosts a competition to recognize the best businesses in the South Bay. Winners are chosen by readers, residents and businesses in the South Bay area. K & P has been honored with this recognition as BEST Office Cleaning over the past several years. We’d like to thank our clients and business associates for recognizing the effort that K&P puts into every job.

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