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Green Certification

Dependability and Attention To Detail.

K&P Janitorial earned it's Green Certification in 2009 in an effort to be more environmentally conscience and to help it's clientele create and maintain a healthier workplace.


Studies show that a greener office environment can drastically reduce the instances of “Building Related Illness" (BRI), improve the health of your employees and increase productivity by reducing the number of sick days taken due to illness.

K&P’s green certification is LEED respected and focuses on improving the indoor air quality of your workplace by actually “removing” dirt, dust and allergens instead of simply moving them around.

The use of environmentally-safe cleaning solutions, HEPA filter-equipped vacuums, microfiber cleaning materials and top/down cleaning procedures are just a few of the steps K&P takes to dramatically reduce the irritant levels that contribute to “Sick Building Syndrome”. This results in cleaner, healthier indoor air quality and a more productive workplace.

For more information on the other environmental and financial benefits associated with going green, please contact us at (310) 540-8878(310) 540-8878.

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