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Employee Training

Our training and orientation programs provide each new employee with safe work procedures as well as clarification and reinforcement of our company policies. All new employees are required to complete this four-phase course prior to permanent job placement.


Phase 1: Employee Orientation

Employees are supplied with an employee handbook and are familiarized with all information contained therein.

Phase 2: Training Programs

This phase of the training is to familiarize the employee with product usage, cleaning techniques, and the care and use of equipment. Performance is closely monitored and evaluated by a supervisor. Advancement to the next phase is determined on the speed in which the employee adapts to the assigned responsibilities.

Phase 3: Temporary Assignment

Every new employee who has successfully completed the initial training program is then placed on our personnel "back up board". These employees fill in for absenteeism and vacations while further evaluations are performed. Performance and attitude will determine whether the employee advances and is placed at a permanent location.

Phase 4: Permanent Assignment

Upon satisfactory completion of an initial training assignment, each new employee is placed in a permanent job assignment. Care is taken to familiarize each employee with the routines and specific requirements of the account.

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